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The 6 “How To’s” of Creating a Business and a Pitch

Each of the 6 “How To’s” provides valuable insight and personal stories pertaining to the topic in bold. Additional and helpful information linked below each topic.

How to have the Right Mindset as an Entrepreneur: Watch Here·     
Nike CEO John Donahoe on the importance of your Mindset as an Entrepreneur·     
Toolkit for Entrepreneurs·      4 Things Entrepreneurs can Learn from Mike Tyson·      Podcast on the American Spirit·      Having Big Hairy Audacious Goals·     
UT Austin Commencement by Admiral William H. McRaven·     
Stanford Commencement by Steve Jobs·      GSV's American Dream·     
GSV's 10 Commandments for Startups 

How to Launch an MVP (Minimal Viable Product): Watch Here     
How to plan an MVP·      How to talk to users·      The lean approach to your MVP·     
Building an MVP·      Test before you build·      Playbook for achieving product-market fit·      How superhuman built an engine to achieve product-market fit·      Oprah's former brand guru talks about launching an MVP·      Running your company with Patrick Collison·     
MVP Examples 

How to Address your Business Model and Growth Strategies: Watch Here     
Why the lean startup changes everything·      A better way to think about your business model·      9 Business models and metrics that investors want to see·     
How to write a great business plan·      How to create a business model canvas 

How to Build the right team of people around you: Watch Here    
Silicon Valley's trillion dollar coach's playbook·      Gene pool engineering for entrepreneurs·      The art, science, and labor of recruiting·      How to build and manage teams·      How to find a co-founder·      How google builds the perfect team·      Steve Jobs talks about managing people·      Hiring and building a team·      Team selection in a startup·      Michigan Coach Bo Schembechler on "The Team" 

How to Approach the Finances and Stakeholders: Watch Here     
How to manage your startup's finances·      Tips on raising money·      A guide to seed fundraising·      Financing options: convertible debt·      Best crowdfunding for startups·      Model Legal Documents·      Safe financing documents·      What you need to know about negotiating a venture term sheet·      Roadmap for navigating Venture Capital 

How to Pitch: Watch Here     
GSV's guide to an elevator pitch·      How to present your pitch to investors·     
HBO's Silicon Valley: Parody on how NOT to pitch 

Find Your Voice While Pitching: Watch Robert Love's Training Here


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